Chaitin School

of Software Engineering
an in-person community in london, uk
About (in one sentence)

We are a small group of people interested in software engineering as a fun activity of leisure time as well as a craft to become skilled at.

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About (in one paragraph)

Programming is a fun skill we want to become better at. We value learning together rather than alone. We are a school because the etymological definition of school is “leisure time”. We are a school that is:

  • not only for beginners
  • not online
  • not based on a teacher-student model
  • not transaction-based

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school < from Ancient Greek σχολεῖον (skholeîon), from σχολή (skholḗ, “spare time, leisure”, later, “conversations and the knowledge gained through them during free time; the places where these conversations took place”) — (from Wiktionary)

School used to mean leisure; then it came to be the things one gained when on leisure. Now it means death.

Let’s reclaim it.

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– What does Chaitin mean?
Gregory Chaitin is a computer scientist—among others—known for his constant.

– Can I do whatever I want?
– Yes, as long as you follow our Code of Conduct.

– How do you organise?
– Check out our Processes.

– Is this website open source?
– Yes, on and GitHub.

– Which font should I install to enjoy this website to the fullest?
– Great question! EB Garamond is fervently recommended (install OTF files).

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